Doumenting your developed software in a lasting way


Oh, this was the problem! That won’t happening again to me!

Who doesn’t know thaht? During programmin your project you are facing a problem or error and spending loads of time on it. Often it happens at the most easy parts from which we never thought it could be such a thieve of time. In most situations the problem will be solved after some time of critical contemplation and the developer thinks “that won’t be happening again”. That our brain will lose some things, we don’t want to face in this moment (maybe because of our lazyness) and continuing with our work.

Your digital log – who writes stays …

… and is saving his own and the companies time. For that – note down the problem or mistake in a kind of digital log or protocoll and keep it. Although YOU have learned from the situation, think about other newbie developers that could face the same problems and situations. As a solution finding and solving problems wasting enourmous and cost intensive time for companies. A protocoll for all these errors and problems could save you a huge amount of time.

There are loads of forums poasts about this stuff!?

There are allready a lot of posts in forums making the life of many developers easier.
Everyone knows it, you are programming, everything is fine – you are in the FLOW! But suddenly you not just get kicked out of this Flow, but you alsoget kicked out of your shedule. It would take less time if the developers would publish their problems and solution strategy not depending on others.
Therefore not the essence of their programm is relevant, a magican also wont not tell you his tricks.

Thinks making the web developers life easier

This is a small collection of usefull Stuff makin the daily life of a web developer much easier or sweeten up your work. As a developer usually it is important to always be up to date, because nothing is crowing faster than the digital world and the medium “internet”. For this the developer should always know the newest programming techniques and technologies. So here all of you could find informations about the next events of external companies.


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