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Programming is not only art but also handcraft. From simple screwdriver to a wood molding – every craftsman needs special equipment fo his job, also programmers!
For this reason here you can find a collection of awesome and special selected online-tools, which helping us during our daily work.



In the daily life of a developer it is common to use various tools from just a single ticketing-tool over some IDE to complex project-management-tools. Every developer and every company uses their own collection of tools on wich they swear. Here we want to present you our favourite tools.



Rapid technological evolution, networking, idea-development, creation of project-combinations, sales. Thats just a hand full of arguments to be part in events around IT and Entertainment. Furthermore these events are also a good opportunity to escape your daily routine with like-minded people and do some escapism – just blowing the cobwebs away and taking some new impressions and ideas at home.


Motivation for programmers

How could a developer motivate himself to get his “thoughts lard” running everyday. Here we are showing our methods.

Which methods are your way ?